LVGL + DISCO-H747I in mbed studio

LVGL and DISCO-H747I in mbed studio

12th May, 2021

The goal for this project is to use the LVGL library in mbed studio. Firstly study the blog: How start with the LVGL on the Disco F746NG with Mbed.

Setup a New Program as described in the above blog.

Add the libraries as shown in the photo:

Import libraries into the project:

mbed documentation: Importing a library.


lvgl v7.11.0.

lv_drivers v7.11.0.

lv_examples v7.11.0.

mbed-os 6.7.0 Shared.

Setup the lvgl library: here are the modifications to my two files:



main.cpp setting:


Copy and paste the above code into main.cpp in mbed studio.

You are now ready to compile your demo code:

mbed studio with code compiled

Display Example 1

Display Example 2

I hope this works for you!